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Combining the most advanced technology with New software version 5.0 into a simple "in office" system. Orchestrate 3D allows the orthodontist to be completely independent in the design and production of digital orthodontic appliances. 

Easy 4 Step Process  •  Create your own "Brand " and deliver same day Aligners !



Orchestrate 3D Treatment Planning Software (Version 4.0) is completely open source with all major brands of scanners.  If your scanner can produce an STL file, then our software will accept it.



From simple archiving of digital models to advanced diagnosis and orthodontic appliance design, the NEW Orchestrate 3D version 5.0 software puts the orthodontist in complete control.


3D print

Whether you choose to print in-house or have the Orchestrate 3D Lab print for you with our JUELL 3D-3 printers, we have the solutions to meet your needs.



The Orchestrate 3D Treatment Planning Software (Version 4.0) and JUELL 3D-3 printer allows you to deliver "Same Day" aligner treatment to your patients.

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I love the ability it gives me to control everything in the aligner process!

I have been using Orchestrate 3D software and their in-office printers since 2014. Their system allows me to do all my retainers, and aligners in the office. The retainers and aligners we produce are always dead on accurate and fast. Dr. Todd and their service team are second to none and Carter, their printer guru, is the smartest guy on the planet. I love the ability it gives me to control everything in the aligner process!

a game changer for our practice and our patients

Orchestrate has been a game changer for our practice and our patients. We can use aligner trays made in our office to help patients straighten their Smiles and save lab expenses. We have even used aligners for 8-10-year-old Phase I treatment at night with great success for the patients and parents. Printing aligners as we need them is the only way to go for use with the mixed dentition. And of course, in-house aligners are perfect for “retainer rehabilitation” when there is post ortho relapse. It’s an inexpensive alternative to bite correction when you have had braces in middle school and want to use aligners as an adult.

This is an elegantly simple system, and the cost savings is substantial.

I’ve used Orchestrate 3D for the last 4 years and I am very pleased with it. When clear aligner therapy is indicated for our patients, I’m confident that good results will be achieved with this system. The software is easy and intuitive, and the company is staffed with people who are very knowledgeable professional. After acquiring an intra-oral scan and submitting it to Orchestrate, the virtual models are often ready and sent back to me within 24 hours. I then stage the movements that are needed, and printed models are sent to me within two weeks. We fabricate the aligners ourselves, and we keep the printed models in case an aligner is lost. This is an elegantly simple system, and the cost savings is substantial.

has changed my practice dramatically

Orchestrate 3D has changed my practice dramatically. Those tough torquing movements of upper lateral incisors and cuspids are simple with Orchestrate but can waste months of treatment time with fixed appliances. When I have patients with extended treatment with braces who are frustrated with their slow pace of treatment and “just want the braces off”, I can most often complete their treatment with Orchestrate aligners and remove their braces. This approach to extended treatment has been a huge practice builder. Also, relapse of lower incisor crowding is easy and quick to resolve with aligners. As I treat more patients with Orchestrate aligners, I have gained much skill and can move teeth easily and quickly now that I have learned to use the system. There is a small learning curve but it is worth the effort to be able to treat patients with the Orchestrate system. Patients love the aligners since they are clear and comfortable. I would highly recommend the product and feel that all orthodontists should have Orchestrate as part of their armamentarium for patient care.

I estimate it has saved me over $50,000 in aligner lab fees

Since I started using Orchestrate last year, I estimate it has saved me over $50,000 in aligner lab fees as well as generated me an extra $30,000 in revenue from patients who would have otherwise not been able to afford clear aligner treatment with other systems. With Orchestrate, I can make treatment adjustments on the fly, refine cases as often as I like and treat simple cases with clear aligners predictably and at a better price point

It takes me under 30 min from scan time to setup a case

I have been using Orchestrate software for over a year now. Practicing in Beverly Hills, I have many high profile and demanding patients. Using Orchestrate allows me to design my own treatment plan and move teeth the way I want to as an orthodontist, not relying on a technician.

I have done over 100 cases and you can imagine how much of a lab fee it has saved the practice. It takes me under 30 min from scan time to setup a case ready for 3D printing using Juell2 3d printer. The training and the level of support has been incredible. They are located in California and are one phone call away. I picked their package after one year of research considering other softwares made in Europe. I made the right choice.

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