Clear Orthodontic Aligners 3D Printed in Your Office!

Go from design direct to patient in as little as 30* minutes

Introducing DigiLine™, the complete direct print aligner system that gives Orthodontic professionals the control, convenience and efficiency to fabricate premium quality clear aligners. From design to delivery in as little as 30 minutes*! The technology behind DigiLine Direct Print Aligners significantly advances aligner therapy and Orthodontic care.

DigiLine™ Direct Print Aligners can be printed in the convenience of your practice using our simple, 5-step process. This gives you true chairside service with greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is providing a seamless workflow and full control over aligner therapy, from start to finish. From 3D scan to treatment plan, through aligner fabrication and delivery; oversee the entire process with ease and efficiency. The possibilities are endless with DigiLine Direct Print Aligners – sign up today for early access to product updates and exclusive pricing.

Direct Print Aligner Process

Ultimate Control for Precision Results


Use any open source scanner Aoralscan 3 intraoral scanner available for purchase



Orchestrate 3D™ Treatment Planning Software*
creates the ideal tooth movement plan. DigiLine™ Direct Print Module*
makes your treatment plan direct print ready and allows further
enhancementsand control.



JUELL™ DigiLine™ 3D Printer* and Resin* have been engineered to
deliver the most precise aligners available - Direct Print Aligners.
Additional post-processing equipment may be necessary

Anticipated release 2023



Send your patients home with their first trays, replacements,
or retainers with same-day service.

System Requirements DigiLine Software

Recommended computer specifications:

Operating System requirements:

Windows 10 (64-Bit) Additional System Requirements Windows.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and .NET 4.0


1280 x 1024 resolution or better 24-bit color/32-bit color depth recommended


Open GL 1.1 compliance CPU Intel or AMD compatible 2.6GHz or better Dual or Quad core 2.6 GHZ or better CPUs recommended


64-bit systems: 16GB recommended minimum Free Disk Space 10GB or more GPU


NVIDIA GPU less than 2 years old with CUDA. The NVIDIA driver must be > 418.96

*Patents Pending