Patient ​Case Studies

​Actual Patients Treated with Orchestrate3D Software

3D Diagnostic Setup

Performed to visualize clearance

Patient presents with failed anterior restoration. Prosthodontist recommending extraction of retained maxillary incisor roots and 4 unit implant supported anterior bridge. Inadequate vertical and horizontal clearance currently for restoration. Diagnostic setup performed to visualize additional clearance for restorative care possible with fixed orthodontic treatment and extraction of a lower left central incisor.


Implant Restorative Care

Multidisciplinary orthodontic-implant-restorative care. Congenitally missing upper left lateral incisor. Refinement of space for implant restoration, refinement of arch form, refinement of posterior occlusion. Plastic tooth was scanned and image imported to each 3D setup prior to 3D printing to allow for insertion of plastic teeth in each sequential Orchestrate aligner tray throughout tooth movement.


Orthodontic Treatment

Multidisciplinary restorative orthodontic treatment. Upper and lower space closure, alignment and positioning of incisors to optimize esthetic dental care. Maxillary left second molar in buccal crossbite. Buccal and lingual attachments placed with Reliance Flow Tain (flowable light cure composite) on upper and lower left second molars prior to scan to enhance tooth movement.


Moderate Crowding

History of previous orthodontic treatment with relapse of anterior crowding. Orchestrate aligner therapy to relieve anterior crowding and decrease overbite. Mild lingual root torque applied on upper canines presenting with labial root prominence and recession.


Restorative Treatment Plan

Multidisciplinary orthodontic-restorative treatment plan. Upper and lower anterior segments retracted, intruded and aligned. Closure of large maxillary midline diastema without root divergence during space closure. Radiographic images of upper incisors illustrate parallel roots post alignment.

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