Dr. James Pelletier


After 25 years in practice there were two things I was tired of. “The same old same old” and the sticker shock of my credit card bill every month due to my Invisalign cases. I have been using the Orchestrate software and their 3D printer for over 3 years now and it has literally changed the way I look at my practice. It made it fun again...and much more profitable. The ability to change treatment strategies for difficult aligner cases “on the fly” is priceless. I designed a spreadsheet to track how long it took to pay back my 3D printer with the money I saved on Invisalign lab bills. In 40 calendar days the printer was paid for……..amazing! The staff, and of course Todd, were  incredibly helpful and responsive when I needed them. I never felt like I was going it alone. In short, it is THE best investment I have ever made in my practice.

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