Dr. Warren Woods


Orchestrate 3D has changed my practice dramatically.  Those tough torqueing movements of upper lateral incisors and cuspids are simple with Orchestrate, but can waste months of treatment time with fixed appliances.  When I have patients with extended treatment with braces who are frustrated with their slow pace of treatment and “just want the braces off”, I can most often complete their treatment with Orchestrate aligners and remove their braces.  This approach to extended treatment has been a huge practice builder.  Also, relapse of lower incisor crowding is easy and quick to resolve with aligners.  As I treat more patients with Orchestrate aligners, I have gained much skill and can move teeth easily and quickly now that I have learned to use the system. There is a small learning curve but it is worth the effort to be able to treat patients with the Orchestrate system.  Patients love the aligners since they are clear and comfortable.  I would highly recommend the product and feel that all orthodontists should have Orchestrate as part of their armamentarium for patient care.

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