Dr. Todd Ehrler
Founder and President of Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies

    I started Orchestrate 3D back in the middle of 2007. Shortly after finishing my residency program in 2004 I went into private practice with my father. Facing an increasingly competitive orthodontic market I felt that I needed to develop a system that would achieve three primary objectives. First was to improve the quality of care I provided for my patients. Second was to lower the operating costs of the practice. Third was to increase my satisfaction in practicing orthodontics. At the time I felt there was a shift occurring in orthodontics in that it was becoming appliance driven and not Orthodontist driven. It seemed that the Orthodontist was merely a broker of the appliances that straightened teeth, not a professional that sacrificed many years to learn the art and science of orthodontics. The unique skills and training that Orthodontists have was being marginalized by appliance driven interests.  Orchestrate is the vehicle that has allowed me to move away from appliance driven therapy to Orthodontist driven therapy. My master’s thesis in orthodontics was based on 3D technology so I was very familiar with its applications. I was also very aware of how other the military, automotive, medical and automotive industries were using scanners, 3D printers, CAD/CAM software to rapidly improve the quality of projects, decrease time to market and lower operating costs. Ultimately this technology allowed these industries to in-source many of the business operations. I knew this same opportunity existed for Orthodontists. We were in a position to leverage this technology and in-source our digital treatment plans and appliances to improve patient outcomes and lower practice operating costs.