We hope everyone is doing their best to cope with the stress, anxiety and most of all, the uncertainty during this unprecedented situation. Our Orchestrate team members are continuing to work following the work at home mandate. We hope you are all staying healthy and taking proper precautions in your practices and home environments. Orchestrate3D will continue to process your case submissions and print models for your patients. Wishing everyone good health. 

Orchestrate3D Software Suite Version 5.0 is in General Release

After many months of beta testing, Orchestrate3D Software Suite Release 5.0 is available for general release.  The new release is a direct result of our clients' requests. Some of the new features include:

  • Background grid 1mm with the ability to turn this on or off in the transparency menu at the bottom right-hand corner of the O3D screen.
  • Auto Orientation the ability to get your arches in close occlusion when there is no bite scan. Function found in the “file” tab.
  • Flip Faces provides users with the ability to change the face of the model when it comes into Orchestrate3D with a gray color instead of the needed pink color. Function found in the “file” tab.
  • Rename teeth option gives users the ability to change/correct the tooth labels/numbers when done incorrectly. Option found in “model tree”.
  • Tooth movement chart provided the user with full visibility of the tooth movement chart without having to pull the screen out each time. Flip back and forth between the two arches with ease.
  • Ability to “Create Ideal” (setup 1) for both upper and lower arches at the same time. Located in the “treatment planning” tab.
  • Auto Align (semi auto-alignment feature) Allows users to adjust the arch form to the desired shape and process auto tooth movements. The user is to put finishing and fine tune movements with manual align feature. Found in the “treatment planning” tab.
  • Enhanced IPR function works with our “collision” readings. The user is able to type in desired IPR amounts in the tooth chart and click IPR to have the software automatically apply the IPR to desired mesial/distal surfaces. This IPR is recorded within the IPR screen, in the IPR chart, in the PDF report, and within the webviewer link.
  • Improved tooth hole fill provides longer tooth roots with a smoother surface in between the teeth for greater accuracy for collision detection and IPR. Found in the “exporting” tab.
  • Auto Attachment Preferences allows the user to customize when (@ .9 mm of movement) their desired attachment is automatically placed on a tooth. Also, allows the user to customize what type of attachment is placed per type of tooth movement (rectangular vertical attachments on rotations and rectangular horizontal attachments on Intrusion/extrusion movements…. Etc.). Set your auto attachment preferences in the “treatment planning” tab within the “preferences” icon. To apply a treatment plan, make sure the “auto attachment” box is checked during “manual alignment” and/or “auto alignment”.
  • Bolton Analysis provides users with the ability to determine the discrepancy between the size of maxillary and mandibular teeth. This analysis helps to determine the optimum interarch relationship. This analysis measures the Mesio-distal width of each tooth and is divided into two analyses. Located in the “treatment planning” tab.
  • Distance measurement gives the user the ability to measure between two points. Located in the “treatment planning” tab.
  • Export All Setups allows the user to export all printable STL setups with the click of the mouse. Users are able to export all of the upper and lower STL’s at one time. No more hand selecting all setups for export. Located in the “exporting” tab.

For more information contact: support@orchestrate3d.com

Orchestrate3D is now an Enterprise Lab connected with EasyRx. This new partnership will allow us to streamline the case submission process for our customers. We hope this integration will be seamless and allow our users to expedite their workflow. Please let us know if you are already using EasyRx in your practice. Here is the link: https://easyrxcloud.com/connected-labs/