About Us

Meet the Orchestrate 3D Team

Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies is a revolutionary 3D digital company. We were built by Orthodontists for Orthodontists. We know that Orthodontists are drivers, not passengers. They have a strong desire to control their own destiny. If we don't control our destiny someone else will. To meet this desire, Orchestrate 3D has developed the most advanced "in office" 3D digital orthodontic system in the world.

Over the past 10 years we have tested and researched the most sophisticated 3D Scanners, Software, and 3D printers available. Technology that is used by NASA, Department of Defense, Northrup Grumman, US Airforce, US Army, General Electric, Nike, Oakley, Procter and Gamble, and many other fortune 500 companies and Universities.

We are the first company to adapt this cutting edge technology specifically for Orthodontists, resulting in a comprehensive 3D digital system that gives the Orthodontist complete control and autonomy over the 3D imaging, diagnosis, design, and 3D printing of many orthodontic appliances. All within their office and at a fraction of the cost.

Our philosophy is to put the most sophisticated 3D Scanner, Software and 3D Printer in the Orthodontist's office...train them how to use it and then get out of their way!

Meet Our Team


Founder and President

MaryHelen Guisa

Lab Technician

Sue Ricordati

Accounts Payable & REceivable

Anna Harlan

Lab Production Coordinator

Lindsy Ricordati

Lab Production Coordinator

Heather Letterly

Lab Production Coordinator

Carter Gray

3D Printing

Meet Our Board of Advisors

Dr. Matt Nisco

Board of Advisors

Dr. Ravindra Nanda


Dr. David Carter


Dr. Barry Rosenberg